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Make a Donation

If you wish to donate to the Etoile Polaire Lodge No.1 building fund, we would be more than grateful for any dollar amount-small or large.
Every little bit puts us closer to our goal! 
Your generous donations will go towards the following initiatives: 
*    Replacing the windows 
*    Adding new shutters that will open and close 
*    Redoing the hardwood flooring throughout
*    Revamping the overall front façade of the building 
Although we have already pooled all of our resources towards completing the renovation of this historic building, donors are always welcome,
and we even encourage them to come view the scheduled progress our building committee team completes. The brothers of Etoile Polaire Lodge No.1
appreciate your generosity and will always remain humbled by the time or money you invest in our physical renovation to the existing building

Please Send Monetary Donations To: 
Etoile Polaire #1
P.O. Box 791956
New Orleans LA 70179

*Note: Please make out all checks to Etoile Polaire #1. Thank you. 

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